About the Cactus Explorer


Hi! I’m Stefan, an Australian naturalist, habitat guide and science communicator. I am primarily intrested in desert ecology – specifically that of the cactaceae (the cactus family) and their interaction with the environment.

My interest in cacti began as a boy and I have since traveled to many of their habitats in Chile, Peru, Argentina and the United States. I have an academic background in applied sciences and currently live in Chile, working in eco-tourism and independently researching cacti.

There are almost two thousand species of cacti throughout the Americas, of which many are now endangered. My current goal is to document the current status of cacti in their natural habitat and record my observations, which will be used to support cactus biology research and conservation projects.

The main objective of this website is to generate interest in the lives of cacti and the the extreme and diverse environments in which they live. Ultimately, I hope to reduce ‘plant blindness’ in modern day society and motivate current and future habitat conservation efforts. My strategy for achieving this is to educate local communities, government bodies and corporations about these noble plants and their important ecological contribution.

I encourage you to communicate with me directly via the contact page on this site if you have any comments, questions or are interested in visiting habitat. Also, please inform me of any cactus conservation efforts you may know of internationally. I am always interested in hearing about current projects to find out how I can support them. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in habitat!


Stefan Nicholas Burger